UI Robot not available

Hi all,

Bot has been built, and now I would like to run it with UiRobot but its not in my taskbar, only UI Path assistant is.

I did find the UiRobot.exe file but when I click on that nothing happens, do I need admin access to install this?


Could you clarify what your question is?

It sounds like you have your robot installed and you can use UiPath Assistant to run processes. What are you trying to achieve? Running or building processes?


Do you mean robot tray?

Robot tray is already end of support in 2021.4.


Question is how to run the bot without having someone open up the main workflow and click debug. Do I use the UiRobot or can I use that ui path assistant? I do prefer not to use orchestrator. Hope that makes sense thank you

Hi UiPath assistant has replaced UiPath Robot. Hence, the robot is there technically. Are you not able to see the published process in the UiPath Assistant?

Got it, it should look like this…

You need to publish your work first then deploy it to the UiPath Assistant

Yah @seanrockvz13 I’m not able to see it, I did put in a custom filepath for the package, I have to save it somewhere specific i assume?

Is your robot connected to Orchestrator / Automation Cloud?

You’ll need to publish the package to there and then you should see it listed in the UiPath Assistant process list.

Yes, if you have the .nukpg file already (assuming you were able to publish prior)

You need to put it here C:\ProgramData\UiPath\packages

By right if your bot is connected to UiPath Orchestrator, it will not take the packages there.
If you are not connected to the Orchestrator, you will be able to see the packaged placed here.

Ok I don’t have that programdata folder in C drive does that mean i have to upload the package to orchestrator?

you should have that.

you can try %programdata% and it will show.

However, if you have Orchestrator, you can also publish it via the Orchestrator and deploy it.

You can refer to this for the guide :slight_smile:

The ProgramData folder might be hidden (mine is). If you go to your C: drive on your file explorer you can check the Hidden checkbox on the View tab and you should be able to see it now.

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