UI path terminal - IBM EHLLAPI/UiPath Internal

Using UiPath we are trying to connect it to TN3270 terminal in HOD to integrate it with Mainframe. In configure connection we mentioned ‘UiPath Internal’ provider and manually entered the IP address, Port and type(TN3270).
Connection is turn on , but the screen appears blank and unable to get the display.

The same was tried Using IBM EHLL standard
Connection was in disconnected status , and error popup as “There was an error connecting to terminal.Error code Error”

Can any one help with the solution !


Hey @PriyaNarayanan

This should help you

and one other session approach i have mentioned already on forum you can check that as well.

Note- With Uipath INternal you wont be able to connect with IBM specific terminals. you have to select IBM provider instead of uipath inernal.


Hi ,

I tried the same thing even made some changes in the terminal properties like start automatically,start in separate window,auto-start HLLAPI enabler to yes.

I have given configuration as mentioned above and tried to connect with the url with the terminal machines in the IExplorer window

When i run in the studio after this configuration is done, I am getting the error Terminal Session : There was an error connecting to terminal. Error code: Error

Any solution for using UiPath internal for HOD?

@llobo3 You have to launch the HOD manually and the attach to the terminal window.