"Terminal Error: Field not found" when executing terminal session at a screen

Hey @Gerardo

UiPath Terminal wizard is designed to help you automate data extraction and/or task execution on various terminals (Mainframe/AS400/VT). It works with TN3270/TN5250/VT terminals.

There are several ways to automate the mentioned terminals:

using the existing/installed terminal application
using the IBM EHLLL standard
using the UiPath internal implementation of these protocols

One may choose between those three based on the accuracy and the level of the provided details (like colors, field information, etc).

So now comes to your problem “Provider UIpath Internal” will support most of the terminals and you will be able to record steps as well with it but at that time of execution these activities won’t work because their internal API is not fully compatible with IBM personal communications that is why you are getting following error:

Terminal Error: Filed not Found

because it is not able to communicate with IBM specific personal terminal.

So to resolve this problem Do following things:

  1. In terminal session Activity wizard select “IBM EHLLAPI” Option.
  2. Check “Show client application”.
  3. Click on “Attache to existing session”. and fill follwing details:
  • EHLL Dll = C:\Program Files (x86)\IBM\Personal Communications\pcshll32.dll
  • EHLL function = hllapi
  • EHLL Session =A
  • EHALL Enhanced = checked

After Clicking you will get the terminal recorder and perform the steps and run it, this time it will work.

Note* - This option will only work with existing session of that terminal so please make sure at the time of workflow run terminal should be opened.

For More info on this, see this link:

Let me know if you have any doubts on this.