Mocha TN3270 Integration using UiPath Terminals Help

anybody automated Mocha TN3270 provides TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe
can you please provide the step by step guide,
as a workaround we have used screen scrapping technic for Mainframe, but UiPath provides the Terminals activity to integrate with Mainframe,

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Hey @trajkumar1904

Hope this thread will help you, Just look into it and let me know :slight_smile:


Thank you, still i could not get it work
we are using Mocha, and its a exe mtn3270.exe and its there in C:\MOCHASOFT
i dont know which provider to select for this, and there is no other option,

I do not think so that is listed in provider list. so you can try with the “UiPath Internal” Provider and let us know as well.


i have tried that Providerr, and it does not work, i simply get “There was an error connecting to terminal. Error Code Error” and does not have any info,
i gave proper IP , Port and Type as TN3270 , and other type also tried , NO luck

I could see using “Uipath Internal” Provider its launching the session but it not loading which we will show log in option in mainframes. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue

Is there any update regarding this?

Hi ,
Did u find any resolution for this?