Mocha TN3270 Integration using UiPath Terminals Help


anybody automated Mocha TN3270 provides TN3270 emulation for IBM Mainframe
can you please provide the step by step guide,
as a workaround we have used screen scrapping technic for Mainframe, but UiPath provides the Terminals activity to integrate with Mainframe,

Regarding Issue in connecting mainframe via Aviva Emulator -TN3270

Hey @trajkumar1904

Hope this thread will help you, Just look into it and let me know :slight_smile:



Thank you, still i could not get it work
we are using Mocha, and its a exe mtn3270.exe and its there in C:\MOCHASOFT
i dont know which provider to select for this, and there is no other option,


I do not think so that is listed in provider list. so you can try with the “Uipath Internal” Provider and let us know as well.



i have tried that Providerr, and it does not work, i simply get “There was an error connecting to terminal. Error Code Error” and does not have any info,
i gave proper IP , Port and Type as TN3270 , and other type also tried , NO luck