UI Path - Screen Capture PDF and save as JPG?

I am trying to do a simple screen capture of a pdf or word document that I created. I have tried the following.

  1. Screen Capture of preview mode. This works but there is a lot of extra space in the image that is not needed.
    2.Copy and paste as image in word. This kind of works but there does not appear to be an easy way to automate the right click and save image as feature. As UI Path selects the entire edit field and not specific objects.
    3.Create a custom html page that has a perfectly sized preview of the pdf file. This works but I have to drop the html file in the inetpub folder in order for UI Path to see it’s elements.
  2. I can crop using other image editors but there has to be a quick and easy way to do this that I am missing.



Use “Take Screenshot” activity, save output in an image variable, then use “Save Image Activity” with input of image variable? When using “Take Screenshot” and indicating the element, use F3 to choose the region.

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