Capturing ScreenShot and saving as PDF

Hi Everyone!

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I am trying to capture a screenshot of this website:

after selecting all the fields and save it as PDF.

I am trying to encompass Full page screen capture google API to capture the screen but the problem is it takes me to a separate webpage from where I have to download the PDF.

I did design the workflow accordingly (credits: @ClaytonM) but I am stuck with a new problem now.

Can anybody advise me on how to download a screenshot and download it as a PDF?

Attached is the workflow that I have designed for the process:Main (23).xaml (46.2 KB)
Book2.xlsx (8.7 KB)


You can use activity Take Screenshot for capturing screenshot. It will return screenshot as Image Object.

Use Save Image Activity to save the image object in a file in some path.

Use Word Application Scope and Add Picture to add image in word file. Then use Export To PDF to create a pdf file.

You can add as many screenshots in a single word file and then can export the same as pdf.

After your work is done, you can delete the image file and word file to clear your storage space.



Hi Tom, have you figured this out. I am running into exactly the same issue. I can send Alt+Shift+P - it captures it but can’t Download it. I have been trying different things on this for last two days - still could not figure out. I think the main problem is when getting the selector information - the only think you can get using UI Exple is app=‘chrome.exe’. I am attaching mine. If you found it out already, please please help me out - I need this desperately for my task. Thanks in advance.

Main.xaml (14.1 KB)

Hi Madhuraj

I am following these steps but I am getting the following “warming message” on the Add picture activity even after typing the image path:

Value for a required activity argument ‘ImagePath’ was not supplied

would you please advise?