Take Screen Shot of a PDF file and Save in Word or Excel file

I have just started using UIPath and have a requirement here. Here is step by step what is required.

  1. I need to take screen shot of all pages of the PDF file at a particular resolution
  2. Save those screenshots in image file format (jpg or png or tiff or anything else) in a word or excel file.
  3. Since PDF file may contain many pages, I need workflow defined in such a manner that I run it once and it scans through whole file in one go and give me all screen shots.
  4. If possible, there should also be flexibility to specify the page number from where this taking screen shot activity should start. But this is not a mandatory requirement and can be skipped as of now.

I saw that we can take screen shot via UIPath, but could not find any post saying we can take screen shot of entire PDF file. Any help in this regard is highly appreciated.


hello @vaibhav
You can try using a type into activity to enter the page number(using a counter) in the pdf reader you are using and then using CAPTURE SCREENSHOT activity just after it.
And then use SAVE IMAGE activity for saving the image and then inside a WORD APPLICATION SCOPE activity you can use ADD IMAGE activity to save the images inside the word file.
Finally you can place the entire above process inside a while loop and use a counter which has initial value set to 1 for the starting page and runs as many times as the total no. of pages you have on your PDF.

Please let me know if you have any queries.

Hi Yash,

Thank you for responding to my query. As I said, since I am a beginner, not sure if I get it exactly or not. Sorry for that.

When you say “a type into activity to enter the page number(using a counter) in the pdf reader you are using”, what exactly do you mean? I am not using any reader other than ADOBE for pdf files. Are you saying, by pointing to the place where page numbers are there in adobe reader, I can get the page numbers and then can increment it?