Is there a way to save an image in PDF format after taking screenshot


Iam saving the screenshot in png format but the requirement is to save in pdf format.can this be done??

PDF from Pictures

Hey @Divya_Gomathy

It is simple with logic, check the attached sample :slight_smile:
image to pdf uipath.xaml (5.7 KB)



Hi @aksh1yadav iam not able to view the workflow it shows error can u please explain the logic ??


@Divya_Gomathy - Please install package “Uipath.Word.Activities” from package manager.


What version you are using? mine 2018.1.*

You can share that error? check in output console what error you are getting and upload the screenshot :slight_smile:


  1. Use Word Application scope // temporary usage so name you can use Temp.docx and so.
  2. Use Add Image Activity Under Word Category.
  3. Use Export To pdf Activity.

Done :slight_smile:


oh so thats the problem,i don’t have the latest version,Need to install the package …Thanks This really helps @aksh1yadav and @kuldip.gohil :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Its working, Thanks for the solution.