UI Path Recorder(Exception from HRESULT: 0x80040154 (REGDB_E_CLASSNOTREG))

Hi All,

Facing this particular while trying to use the recorder. I am unable to run the existing workflow as well. Kindly help.


Please follow up these post.
Reference 1
Reference 2

Hi Dilip,

These are reference are referring certain specific application. I am unable to even start recorder from the uipath screen. As soon as I click on record button it throughs this error n I am unable to go further n try recorder.

Hi Rachit,

Does this error occur when you open UiExplorer and select something? What kind of recording are you using(Basic, Desktop, Web, Citrix)?

Please provide Studio version and OS.

Hello @Rachit,

Does it meet software-requirements as specified ?

Hi Dilip,

I tried this approach provided by the UI Path’s website “Internet Explorer x64 Troubleshooting” which suggested to install a specific dll but even that didn’t work.

Hence I re-installed the UI Path Studio and that seems to be working now.

All I could deduce was it was giving error as product had some installation issues.

Thank you for your help and valuable inputs.

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Hi Ovi,

I was trying to use basic recorder. But none seemed to work. I was unable to open the solution as well which was provided during the training. After numerous attempts and solutions i was not able to find out a way hence I re-installed the UI Path studio. Now it seems to be working.

Yes, I’ve googled this error and saw that it occurs due to improper installation. I’m glad it works now and if it will happen again please let us know.


I am having the same issue, while automating workflows. I cant use open browser activity , data scraping or any other activities it gives the below error message.
I even tried with re installing.
I am using community edition.
Can anyone please help me with this.!

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