Ui Path Orchestrator Training: No runtime resource allocated

I am trying to do the orchestrator uipath course, configuring the robot in my machine. But when I registered in the platform.uipath.com, it displayed that there is no runtime resource allocated!

I tried to create the robot, but then it says it’s disconnected! I guess its more to do with the runtime res?
Any suggestions?

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You will have to create a robot and machine on orchestrator and then connect it to your machine, have a look at this thread



but in order to connect the orchestrator, we’d be requiring a runtime res!

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Hi @Altavista,

Welcome to UiPath Community Buddy…! That’s a good question to start with…

So you have two issues,

  1. Displaying no runtime resource allocated though created a robot in orchestrator.
  2. After creating a robot, it is still showing disconnected, Is this is due to that no runtime resource issue.

Alright…! lets sort this out one by one,

  1. Runtime resource is just the no of unattended and non production robots that are tagged to orchestrator. It wont have any impact on the robot that we create.

  2. Robot shows disconnected because it didn’t get conneted to the machine where we want to execute our process. Its not because of the No runtime resoruce allocated issue.
    Kindly find the below steps to connect your robot that you created in your orchestrator.

–First need to create a tenant, well you are done with that
–in local machine, start → robot, click uipath robot.exe and you will get a small popup window where open settings and copy the machine name. Then in orchestrator, go to machine tab and enter the machine name that you copied.
–Mention this machine when you create the robot and assign it an environment, by creating an environment in environment tab in robot tab itself.
–Now go to that machine tab again and copy the key of that machine, and this can be done clicking edit symbol at the right side.
–Once copied come back to our local machine, open that robot settings and paste the url as https://platform.uipath.com and key with copied machine key.
–Then click connect.
–Thats all, you are done. robot will get connected…!

Kindly revert if you have any queries or suggestion.



Wow. Thanks. It seems that I was providing the wrong machine name!

So just a ques here:
Does the Machine name in Orchestrator has always to be my Machine Name?
In case of a multiple bot scenario, am I suppose to create multiple Machine (In Machine Tab) then assign Robots to them?



That’s amazing,

So,there are two cases for your issue,

  1. If you know machine where you are going to run the process, you can (not must) have that name in orchestrator robot while you create a robot.
  2. Suppose if you dont know the machine name where you are going to execute the process, you have an option called Floating robot, (you can see this with + symbol whileyou create a robot )and this allows you to work on any machine that you want, Just create those machines in orchestrator and you can choose the required machine while you run the process. To use floating robot, you must use Machine template while you are creating a machine in orchestrator…

Cheers…! Keep going


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