Orchestrator -Adding Robot to the created Environment

Hi All,

I am trying to add Robot in the “Manage Robot” page but i am not seeing any Env in the drop down. i have followed the below steps followed by seeing the orchestrator video.

1)Publish the Work Flow in Uipath Studio.
2)Create an Environment in the Create Environment page
3)Add the Robot for the created Environment

You should check the Environments, find the ‘Manage’ button in the end of the line that shows your environment.
By clicking there, you can add your robot to the environment :slight_smile:

Hello there,
Please have a look . :slight_smile:

I am able to create environment but I am not getting any robots to select in the Manage Robot page

Also I am also not seeing the Robot icon in the taskbar

Please help on this


Hello there,

Hope you using windows 10 hence by default robot try icon is not available.

Please navigate to below path and run UiRobot.exe from there.

C:\Program Files (x86)\UiPath Platform\UiRobot.exe

Please follow up this guide to connect Robot to Orchestrator.

Thank you I am able to create and configure robots

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can you please create a video , how to do. still i’m not able to create a robot.

in jobs it’s showing empty

@Akhil,Press Ctrl+L in your studio and navigate to app.18.1.3 folder,You will find uirobot.exe

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Thank you @sreekanth now i’m able do it. :+1:

do you know how to solve it

@Akhil, Go to Services and check whether uirobot service is started

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I got that issue , actually i did’t gave the proper credential.

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Hi @sara_s @sreekanth @ddpadil
Now i need to create the 2nd robot and and i need to be as available
For that what i need to do ?

i have done so far ?
1)Created the 2nd robot and new environment too
2)Then i execute the uirobot.exe
3) After that i go and check the uipath icon below image in that my 1st system details only available ?

there i need to give my 2nd machine name and robot key values and then i need to hit an connect button then only my second robot is alive knows ?

so at the time what about the 1st robot ?

Can any one help me !!

Refer this @RaviDevaraj

Hi @sreekanth

i cannot able to find the solution so far

Can you help me!!

Hi there, once you have created an environment, browse to the environment under Robots page (Robots --> Environment)

Select the environment and Manage button (right side of the selected envmt), refer below screenshot

Manage environment window appears, select robot and click update. Now robot should be added in the environment.

Hope this helps, feel free to write for any assistance.