UiPath Assistance showing Connected, Licensed but the Robot in Orchestrator is showing as disconnected for my Community StudioX

I am new to the UiPath. I have followed the instruction to create a Machine, robot and the environment in Orchestrator and given the Machine key in the assistance.

And my UiPath Assistance showing that Connected, License but the Orchestrator robot is showing that disconnected and not able to run the job.
Help on this to continue.

@Rajkamal_S - can you share the UiPath Assistance screenshot along with orchestrator setting.

Here it is.

@Rajkamal_S - pls copy the orchestrator url … disconnect and replace the url -platform.uipath.com/… to cloud.uipath.com/… and try…

Thanks @GBK, I have updated and removed and created a new machine with new robot and environment. But still getting same disconnected status.

can you show the machine details with screenshot

how robots are connected to the machine??

can you delete all machines , robots from orchestrator and create freshly?
Manage Machine -

@GBK Thanks. I will try one more time and let you know.

I have removed and added new machine, robot and environment. Also added the machine key into the UiPath assistance. But now I am getting Connected, Unlicensed message and still ‘Disconnected’ status for the robot in Orchestrator. What mistake I am doing?

Also If I am trying to run the workflow, I am getting the below error

I am also facing same issue, i wrongly put the domin/user name in Robot settings.
cmd window type whoami get the user name update in robot settings.

When create machine, machine name must be same as the workstation name.

Some points may make robot status disconnected
1 When create machine, machine name not match workstation name
2 No assign environment for robot
3 UiPath Assistant’s status is not “Connected, Licensed”