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  1. Are RPA developer and RPA advance developer separate certification exams or there is only one certification exam as i could see in UI path site it shows Advanced developer certification but could not find any certification for basic RPA developer.?

  2. For advance certification how much time would be required for preparation and which trainings must be completed from UI path academy. would the trainings and practice excercises from trainings be sufficient to clear the advance certification

Answers to your questions -

  1. Both are different. Advanced developer certification is available in the UiPath Academy which is to learn and get trained. This certification will be called Diploma. RPA Developer Certification is from here https://certificate.uipath.com . You will be having 3 attempts to clear theoretical and practical exam.
  1. One month is sufficient to understand the concepts and appear for the exam. All the training material and practice exercises are sufficient to clear all the certifications.


Great Karthik thanks for clarifying this. appreciate your prompt response

one other thing Karthik i read in the forum is for advance certification we need to complete all the below all though this in itself is exhaustive. is there anything else that we must go through apart from below

Foundation training
Orchestrator training and
REFramework knowledge

The following 3 courses are enough to get the sufficient knowledge for clearing certifications.

  1. Foundation Diploma/Training (13 lessons)
  2. Orchestrator (1 lesson)
  3. Advanced Diploma/Training (1 Lesson + 2 Assignments)

If you understand the fundamentals (Foundation training), then the advanced training will be easy. Advanced training is mainly to understand the RE framework and how to use the REF in real time.

If you get stuck or have any question at anytime, the community members are always there to help you.

Karthik Byggari


brilliant, i am encouraged with such prompt response …thanks again

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