How to Pass Advanced Developer Certification Exam

Dear all,

i am studying the lv.1 online tutorial and i wish to know 12 another than the three tut what else should i learn to enable me to pass.

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You need to complete these level 3 trainings in Academy. Once you got familiar with basics, Orchestrator, REFramework and all then you can register in below site to complete main Advanced Level certification.


Hi @Xiangch91ng
Advance certification is on the below link
And it’s not related with each website
RPA Certification Advanced RPA Developer | UiPath

If you have skills you can directly go to above link and you can start the exam

But if you are new , it’s better to follow 3 course that you mention
There are many more courses on uipath Academy
These 3 is the least one that help you to get successfully pass the exam

If you can follow more its better
But keep in mind Advance developer certification will expire on 31March 2020(giving you free of charge untill this day)

Make sure to complete quick, for previous years they extend the time , we are not sure if this time is extended or not so be quick

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