Regarding ui path certification

i am new to ui path. i completed the foundation training 1 in academy.

my question is i want to complete the certification of ui path developer . can anyone say what to do next after learning foundation training?. I am assuming the certification is tough ( i am facing difficulties in understanding re frameworks and state machine ).

My best wishes for completing foundation training and coming to this point

Once after. Completing the level 1 I would suggest to complete the remaining as well like level2 and level3
Where level2 includes Orchestrator training and
Level3 includes advanced training using REFramework template

So if we have done these two part it will be very easy to crack the certification buddy
Because it involves
Theory part and a practical as well
Where the theory will contain questions from where we learned so far from these three levels
And the practical includes a advanced version of question with this level 3

That’s all buddy so as of now kindly complete the remaining two levels as well so that you won’t find any difficulties in cracking the certification

All the very best…crack the exam…join the club

Cheers @rayadu_rayadu

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Hello @Palaniyappan just some questions as well with regards to the RPA dev certification.
The RPA dev course being offered by the academy (the one that contains all the levels 1-3 and additional lessons) is the certificate that we’ll gain from there the same as the actual RPA dev certificate that’s being offered by UiPath?

The one that you get from academy is a diploma certificate which implies that you have attended and practiced uipath and it’s basics
Url ;
While the certificate is different and yah it’s a RPA DEVELOPER Certicate
Url :

Cheers @BenMar

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@Palaniyappan Thanks very much for the clarifications sir!
One more thing, if I complete all academy courses included in the RPA dev course. Will I be sufficiently prepared for the actual RPA dev certification or would I need additional study materials in order to be prepared? If so would you be able to suggest which study materials would be best?

Have a great day!

Thats is far enough buddy
My best wishes for your certification
Cheers @BenMar

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Thank you very much again @Palaniyappan!

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For any help regarding RPA UI Path certification,feel freet to reach us