UI Path able to access elements from a Virtual Machine?

Hi everyone! I’m using studio x to create a project that involves trying to access other elements on a Virtual Machine. So basically I have a Bot in my local device and I want it to be able to connect to a Virtual Machine. What is a good approach to be able to do this?

I’ve heard that I could use Computer Vision on the image of the Virtual Machine but was just wondering if there is a way to easily access the VM without having to train the bot to look at the image?


If you are using the Remote Desktop Connection for the connection to RDP machine


Try to install Microsoft Remote Desktop and Apps and use it.

More details here:

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Is it possible to automate the bot so that it starts up a remote desktop and be able to automate within that newly created desktop? I don’t want to do all the work in just a singular Remote desktop.

I want it to first:

  1. In the local desktop, access a new Remote Desktop
  2. Then do things within that new Remote Desktop
  3. Then Finally close out of that new Remote Desktop

Does this solution provide me with these capabilities? Thanks so much!

For that, just think of RDP as an app that you can automate like any other app. Use Application/Browser to open it up, click and type to set what it connects to, click the Connect button.

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Awesome that makes sense! Thanks I’ll test it out!

As far as identifying UI elements within the RDP window, it won’t be able to do that unless you install the UiPath plugins/extensions.

If you can’t install those, then you can use Computer Vision selectors in modern activities (ie Use Application/Browser, Click, Type Into etc) to identify UI elements within the RDP window.

Also, when your process is done, don’t just close the RDP window. Sign out from the Start menu.

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