How To connect UIPath automation in my local Desktop to an application installed in a virtual desktop?

I have an application installed in a virtual desktop and UiPath studio installed in my local desktop, I have to connect an automation in Studio to that application . Is there a way to do this?

Hi @jaibajpai

You have to install UiPath studio in virtual machine only. This was the only solution for this.

We can also automate the application in virtual machine by using CV activities in UiPath studio. Then you can automate the application in virtual machine by using local UiPath Studio.

Mahesh Kankatala.

Hi @mkankatala
Thanks for suggesting CV approach, I tried this approach and i was able to build a uiautomation in my local machine to perform automation in virtual desktop.

Hi @jaibajpai

One option is to use the Remote Desktop Connection feature in Windows to connect to the virtual desktop, and then use UiPath’s desktop automation capabilities to interact with the application. You can use activities such as “Click,” “Type Into,” and “Get Text” to interact with the application’s user interface elements.

Another option is to use UiPath’s Citrix automation capabilities, which are specifically designed for working with applications installed in virtual environments.


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