How to implement UiPath on a Virtual Machine

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how can I install UiPath on a Virtual Machine?
what are the main advantages to use UiPath on a Virtual Machine?
what are the main challenges if I run UiPath on a Virtual Machine?

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what ever benefits you are trying to get by a normal PC/Laptop… same advantages you can get from VM.
One more main advantage is that it won’t occupies physical space because it is Virtual.

yah of course its possible
we can install the UiPath in virtual machine either both studio and robot or only robot if we want and implement only robot, if we install the trial version it has the option called “Advance” and with that we would be able to install only the robot

Next on this

–well it has the same advantages of how we execute a unattended bot, because it becomes easy when we are trying to execute a process in another instance rather to the same instance where we are currently working that wont interrupt our process.
–Logging and maintaining the bot is easy as well.

There are many challenges we could face upon this kind of automation
–starting from workflow design, if the process is developed in our system and is going to be executed in that virtual instance, then we dont have any issue,
–or if we are going to design workflow directly on Virtual machine, that is creating workflow by accessing elements in the virtual machine from our local machine, which would be like IMAGE AUTOMATION. So usually in image automation, its difficult to access the elements in them, but now its made possible with COMPUTER VISION ACTIVITIES with which we can access those elements as well
–while the next challenge would be connecting to those virutal machine, we need to make sure that we have provided the proper credentials to get into the virtual machine
–else we will be facing some problems in that
–and finally the process execution though the machine is connected, sometimes the process wont run if it is executed in a virtual machine and the main reason would be the bot may not be able to access the elements, and for that make sure that we have enabled certain properties like simulate click or sendwindow message property and other possible way of accessing the elements like SEND HOT KEY activities and MAXIMIZE WINDOW activity as well

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Thank you very much - great input!
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no worries

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