Best Practice: Where to install UiPath Studio

Hi guys,

I have a question about what’s the best practice on where (machine) a developer should have Studio installed.
For example: An unattended robot should run a specific process on a VM. This process requires using specific software.
If we would have Studio installed on a local machine (from the developer), he would need to get all the software which has to be automated first on his machine as well.
From one project to another he would collect all kind of software, accesses and so on on his machine.

Or is it a better approach to always “create” two identical VMs, one where the bot is running in the future and one where studio is installed?

How are you dealing with this situation?

Better to have studio installed in local machine for development, and run the bot in the vm machine as it already has the software to be automated.
But I also wait for others responses for this.

But how can you handle automating a process when you as a developer don’t have the software and or permissions needed for a specific process?