UI Automation - Element Recognition



In some cases when you are trying to identify and element using UiExplorer or Indicate on Screen, you will observe that the highlighted area is not the one that you expect. In the bellow picture you could see that the highlighted area is not around the log in button as it should.

In other cases you will try to identify a specific UI element but a larger area will be highlighted (the element that you want will not be highlighted)

If you are in one of the above cases,we recommend to check the following:

  • If you have a multiple monitor setup check that you have same resolution and scaling (size of text) on both monitors.
  • If you have a retina display on your laptop/desktop, try to set the scaling (size of text) to 100%.

Note: After changing the scaling setting you must sign out from your account so the changes take place (Windows also recommends to sign out after changing this setting)