Objects identified at a different location when indicated on screen

when i am trying to identify an object on screen uipath studio identifies it at a different location, but the informative screenshot is captured at the location which i am trying to indicate. And then when i highlight the object its highlighted at the wrong location. I have attached few screenshots as reference.

Could someone help mw with this



@loginerror could you please help me with this

Can you share your selector here?

Check your selector, If it is not having aaname or innertext, try to use the same. Else,
Using UiExplorer, try to indicate an anchor for the same element.


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May I know what browser are you using here ? Can you please try with different browser and check it once.

If you are using Chrome/Edge/Firefox then you need to install extension then only UiPath will able to identify the elements.

I did try to use different browsers with uipath extension installed, but the issue still persists

Even though the object is identified at a different location than where it is located the selectors generated are correct and am able to automate the page. But once the application is logged in there are many objects placed close to each other and its very time consuming to identify single object.

Hi @rahul11

Two questions:

  • what is your version of the UIAutomation package (see package manager)? could you try on the latest one?
  • are you maybe using any Windows scaling? setting it to 100% as a test could maybe fix the issue