Typing wrong number into phone number field in Webform

Hi UiPath Users! I could use some help figuring this one out. I have a phone number stored in a variable that I need to type into a webform. When clicking the phone number field it starts typing in the middle which ultimately ends up adding the wrong phone number (pictured below). But, the Alt Phone Number types in the correct phone number.

How can I get it to type the correct phone number into the field?


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You could try send a home key after clicking on the field?

What properties do you have set in the type into activity?

Hi @TimK,
Here are the properties for the Type Into activity:

You could try the click before typing and empty field set to true, it just seems strange that the alt phone number starts at the left. I assume for the purposes of this the start of the phone numbers should be the same. I. E. (256) 7…

Does that happen if you manually clicked on the field and type in the numbers?

Yes the phone number is (256) 7… if I manually click the field on the far left and type it is accurate. If I were to click in the middle and start typing it would not be.I will try to change the properties and get back to you with the results.


Hello @eonofrey,

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Can you try using Click Activity before Type Into ??



in such cases the bot is faster as the app. In such cases we do following analysis:

  • set Activate, ClickBefore, EmptyField to true (I thin you have already done)
  • set delaybefore to 7000,5000,3000…
    so in this running testseries we do verify that the Bot is faster as the app. Once we verified and proved it then we do develop a sync-strategy (e.g. sync on proper page load etc.) and do try to remove the delayBefore time
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So here’s what worked: I deleted the old activity altogether. I created new activities and streamlined the selectors as well as set an anchor to the text above each field. The ONLY properties I changed were EmptyField and ClickBeforeTyping. So far this works for me! I will continue to test and post here if things change.
@ppr thank you for your input as well. I will keep that in mind if I have a similar issue.

Thanks guys!


Glad you managed to resolve your problem :grin:

Sometimes it just takes abit of playing around with all the options to see what works and is most stable.

If you need anymore help fell free to ask :+1:

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