Error Type into


I´m using Type Into to enter information in a desktop application, but the information is being sent to the wrong fields.

I used HOTKey + Set text did not work.


@AntonioCarneiro- can you try by setting clipping region: * Target.ClippingRegion - Defines the clipping rectangle, in pixels, relative to the UiElement, in the following directions: left, top, right, bottom. It supports both positive and negative numbers.

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try to use Send Hotkeys + type into activity (Remove selectors if they are not helpful).


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Seems like the selectors might not be stable especially if it is a desktop application. As it is not a webpage try to see whether the elements have ‘id’ attribute as they are not subject to change.

Don’t use set text if the fields do not accept the command, try type into with the default property with some milliseconds between the letters.

TKs a lot

Tks, a lot.

Is the issue solved?

Tks, but no.