Type into adds wrong numbers

Hello I have a variable that adds a text by means of a type into a web page, the variable results in this text: 2020/07/15, but at the time of writing, it does it as follows: 2002/07/15, before this did not happen, what happens?

@Andres_Camilo_Andrad Are you sure the variable has the proper value and not the invalid value ?

Can you use a Message Box and Check the value before using Type Into ?

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I already did it, to write in excel, it does it well, but when writing in a web page field, it is where it fails, what is the difference.
Web page

is adding a zero, I don’t know where

Hi @Andres_Camilo_Andrad,

Did you tried different propertie options are available like DelayBetweenKeys and ClickBeforeTyping and Activate

Omkar P

  1. Try Set Text activity
  2. in typeinto activity uncheck click property

this worked for me, why does that happen ?, thank you

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It is date picker(calendar) control not text box so date picker if you select manually first select year after month next date will select 3 times for click if you are pasting like text box at a time might be happened.

If you can insert same date value into any plain text box it will work

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