Filling a web form, phone fields are set as UiPath.Core.Activities.Click

I have this web form I try to automate and the phone fields are “recognized” by UiPath as UiPath.Core.Activities.Click instead as UiPath.Core.Activities.TypeInto. In other words expected to click rather input the phone #.
This is the form:

Scroll down to the phone section. Area code works properly but not the phone #. How can I force it to be a TypeInto, or what it determine to be a Click?

I have used Recording Web in UiPath Community.

Thank you, DanN

I tried to replicate the scenario by creating the account in the cmegroup.
Yep it does taking phone number as click event.
So solution is simple just your step by step recording.
once you record then come to workflow window and manually drop the “Type Into” Activity and click on indicate on screen and choose the phone number field later in the edit text pass your phone number .
Its working for me.
Cheers … :slight_smile:

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Worked, thank you