Type password for putty connection



Hi All,

I am quite new for UIPath, I am able to open putty application and able to type in userid, but it is not working for password, I can not type password in putty screen.

Please help… TIA


Hi @Anuradha1,

Share ur screenshot . What error are you getting.

Share the selector.



I am not getting any error, but the password string which I am typing on putty console, gives always wrong password, though have provided correct password string…


1.Am also having this issue.When enter the password then need to click enter
2.Then it was login

I am not able to do this.Please help me on this.

I tried with Only giving the password.Still it shows access denied.What to do


How do you send the Password? With Type secure text activity?


1.Create a variable named “pass”.
2 Create Assign to="pass’ and value= your password
3.Match pass variable to the putty password
4.Goto TypeInfo activities related to password and set DelayBefore properties in milliseconds Approximately 3000.

It will works