Not able to type password in Putty



I am not able to enter password in putty. I am using "Type Secure Text’ activity to enter the password. Before passing password to this activity, I have converted into secure text also by using - new System.Net.NetworkCredential(string.Empty,“myString”).SecurePassword and then assigning it to a variable using Assign Activity.

Now problem here is as Bot is not able to enter password on putty and it is just coming out of the flow without giving any error also…
Screenshot has been attached for reference of the sequence of the activities.



Hi @EAP,

One thing is that putty cannot show the password you entered , I mean, it doesn’t show anything in the password field while you are entering. May be , you have to give some delay time before entering password and also clicking enter key to resolve this issue


Hi @HareeshMR

I knw, putty doesnot show anything on screen while entering password. Could u please help/ guide me which activity I can use to get pwd entered on putty.
I have tried removing delay time also as you suggested, but no luck… :frowning:


Just try alternative way of opening a file and copying the password from the file. Use the right click activity so that the copied password be pasted in the password field. then send the enter hot key.

Hope this resolves the issue.