Can Uipath work with putty?

Can anyone please tell me how to work with putty terminal in uipath?
Is there any activity ?

you can use UiPathTeam.SSHConnector.Activities

can you please upload one example ?

i would prefer that you would give it a try first so you can learn from it;)

  • setup the connection
  • run a command
  • and catch the output.

from there on it totally depends on what you want to do. If you run into problems we can help you out ofcourse. you have to learn from it how to search for activities and how to use them.


@amangupta4644 In putty we can use hotkeys to move around and work with it. That is another way of working on it, if you find the above package what @jvanmarion mentioned difficult to use.

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could you please let me know the mandatory parameters in the activity ssh connect scope?

okay I will give this a try

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mandatory fields:

  • Host (string)
  • Password (needs to be secure string type)
  • Port (int)
  • Timeout (you can set it to 00:00:30 for example
  • username (string)
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thanks @jvanmarion