Not able to enter ip address in putty



Hi All,
I am not able to enter ip address in putty. I have used type into to enter ip address to putty, but in type into activity using “indicate element on screen”, not able to capture anything on putty.

Please help!!!


I believe when you open Putty ,the cursor is in focus on Host Name for Ip address Text box. (no need of selector)
So just drag a new TypeInto on the workspace and don’t indicate any element and try to pass the value.


I have tried its working
Thank you


I am working on similar putty based automation and other way to reduce code is:

  1. Save a session in Putty
  2. In Uipath–> Use “Open Application” activity and for Fields: File Path: “Path of Putty.exe”
    & Arguments:" -load “+SavedSessionName+” -l “+Userid+” pw "+Password.

This reduces the amount of additional coding in Uipath.