Not able to enter ip address in putty

Hi All,
I am not able to enter ip address in putty. I have used type into to enter ip address to putty, but in type into activity using “indicate element on screen”, not able to capture anything on putty.

Please help!!!

I believe when you open Putty ,the cursor is in focus on Host Name for Ip address Text box. (no need of selector)
So just drag a new TypeInto on the workspace and don’t indicate any element and try to pass the value.

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I have tried its working
Thank you

I am working on similar putty based automation and other way to reduce code is:

  1. Save a session in Putty
  2. In Uipath–> Use “Open Application” activity and for Fields: File Path: “Path of Putty.exe”
    & Arguments:" -load “+SavedSessionName+” -l “+Userid+” pw "+Password.

This reduces the amount of additional coding in Uipath.

hi @akijo
how can i enter username and password on putty while using recording tool provided in uiapth

Hi @himalaya1
I have not used recording to input the data in putty as end result was not stable.
The steps highlighted in my earlier post will ensure that you dont have to worry about entering userid and password.
Personally, for unix/linux server connection and script execution, I have used ‘SSH Connector’ and called the required scripts to perform task.

This will provide more stable automation than interacting via Putty.

thanks @akijo for your response.
this is a great help from you.

hi @akijo i have installed the package from package manager but activities are not showing in activities panel
can you tell what is the problem

hi @akijo again and can you tell me how to use this activity
your help will be very much appreciated.