Save handling & transfer of Password-Input by user

Dear colleagues,

I am searching for a way to realzie the following:

In my automation project, I want the User to Input a Passwort (e.g. by using an Input dialog). The Automation needs to use this given passwort later on a certain screen to pass a login to a certain application.

Actually this works very well with using “Input Dialog”, storing the passwort in a variable and using the variable in the loginscreen by using “type into” .

My problem with this procedure ist, that the password can be read clearly in the logfiles. I am searching for a more secure way that does not allow any access the the password. Do you have any idea?

How about the “private” propperty of the activity?

Private - If selected, the values of variables and arguments are no longer logged at Verbose level.


You can use UiPath Forms through which you can ask for user input as a secured text. further to type the value anywhere you can use type secure text activity. Hope this helps! Happy Coding :slight_smile:

Hi @Sudheer_KVR

I am looking for a solution like that and have also tried the UiPath Forms by adding a password field - but it seems that the output is a plain string and not a secure string.

Do you know how to convert the password to a secure string output in order for the password not to be plain text in the JSON output either?