Type Into : type Ctrl+A and then Delete


I have been trying to build the logic to delete whatever inside the Text box (looks like text box).what I’m trying to achieve but couldn’t get though yet

Type Into → press CTR+A and delete ( to select and delete whatever inside )

Empty field doesn’t work here.

please suggest how to type these shortcut into [Type Into activity]

Hi @mukeshy12390, Welcome to UiPath Community, you can use “Send Hot Key” activity available in UiPath to do the required, and you can also check Empty Field, but in case Empty Field is not working, you are good to go with the “Send Hot Key” activity.

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Hafiz Mohammad Ahsan

Thanks for the quick reply.

I got two things:

  1. can it be done using “Type Into”?
    2)send hotKey : after pressing Ctr +A it gets out of text box doesn’t hold till “Delete” key

You can use type into activity by enabling the Empty field option in properties
If you require to click the text box before type, use the ClickBeforeType properties.

Hi @mukeshy12390,

Try this in the Type into activity:
"[d(ctrl)]a[u(ctrl)]” + “[k(del)]”

Hope this helps!

HI @mukeshy12390

Try like this

Use click and set as double click in the properties and click on that particular field and then use type into to write the data here

If it fails try like the same steps above jut use a del key in the type into like


thanks for the reply … for some reason that functionality doesn’t work here.

Ctrl+A then Delete require here…

thanks for the reply.

Robert’s solution work here…

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