How to delete the text of a field?


I tried to use “type into” activity with the text “” (nothing) using the option “empty field” to delete all the text contained in such field.

It only removes the first line of the field.

How could i remove all the text of such a field?

EmptyField - When this check box is selected, all previously-existing content in the UI element is erased before writing your text.

I tried such an option but it only erases the first line of all the text contained in such a field. @Pradeep_Shiv

you can use this “[k(back)]”

like this

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In the Type Into try using a String.Empty and then again add the TypeInto with what value needs to go in.

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Hello EngAnalyst,

As simple way to do it is to use shortcut, select all the content with a crtl+a wih the SendHotkey activity. And then a “del” (still with the Send Hotkey) might work. With that you will be sure that the content has been deleted.

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Should I use this activity with the “emptyfield” option enabled?

It does not work since the field does not have the property to use such a command.

only this!

just use type into dont use Send hot key also it’s working fine for me!
indicate on that element and pass that command!

Still does not work… the field is very rare.

@EngAnalyst Can you perform a Send Hot Key Ctl+A on that Field to Select all the Text ?

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No… it is a rare kind of field that does not allow such a shortcut

@EngAnalyst Oh Can we See that Field? :sweat_smile:

Thank you very much Damien.
You are great

Thank u very much

i am also trying to use ctrl+a and delete using send hotkey inside a text field in dynamic crm, but it is neither selecting the texts nor erasing.In some text fields, it is working, in some it is not. what could be other way to solve this issue @Damien @Pradeep_Shiv ?