Type Into not emptying the field after recent Google chrome update

Looks like there was a recent Chrome browser update after which it seems ‘Empty field’ in Type Into activity does not seem to be working.
Tried everything from reinstalling the extension, using different simulate types to moving to IE but just does not seem to be working.

It works randomly failing mostly to clear the fields. Is anybody facing this problem recently.
Any help would be appreciated.

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May I know what version of UiPath studio and chrome browser are you using ?

And also share the screenshot of Type Into activity properties.

before “Type into” can you add a “Set text” activity and set it to “” first

also if you have modern activities you can try use the modern type into instead .
You can set it to retry if the expected text doesnt show after x seconds

Hey @ajagtap636

Kindly show some screenshots of the activity, the element and the behaviour of the issue you are facing.

It will help better troubleshooting.



This should be working fine

Upgrade your UiPath.System.Activity and UiPath.UIAutomation package in your project and give a try

Go to Deisgn tab → Manage Packages → all packages → upgrade the above packages and give a try


If that doesn’t work use two type into activity

Where in first one mention the input as “ “
And in second one mention your actual input value
Both the activities should indicate same field

Cheers @ajagtap636

Studio 2022 2.0-beta.8382 Community License.
Chrome- 100.0.4896.75 (Official Build) (64-bit)

If you’re going to do that, just Set Text to the value you want. No need to clear then type.

Type Into with empty string doesn’t clear the field. It just doesn’t type anything.

@ajagtap636 Is it showing any error when it fails to clear the fields. Try to update the activities and check once

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