Type into not consistent

Type into not consistent.
I have a text field Work order:

I get error: image

I use uipath explorer and set up the selector. It works for couple of times. But then again after some time it throws similar error.

It is not at all consistent.
How do i make it consistent?



Are you sure id attribute is not dynamic , can you try ID attribute with wildcard id =’*’ and aaname = ‘Work Order’ seems fine.

This was the selector that was working.
I logged out the application and re login and tried again it did not work:

As per your instruction i changed the ID:

It still does not work

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@Mallika Instead of id use class name

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You generally should not include Id attribute in your selector. Try to add some more attributes in your selector except ID and try it. Use UiExplorer to see other options


All of these are tried. It works then.
But once I logout the application and start afresh. It does not. Cannot retain its consistency.

Have you tried Anchor Base Activity or Selecting a relative element from UiExplorer like this


Passing Class in the selector worked.