Test case

We want test web application process ,so I design job in uith studio ,using Test cases(BDD),so first parameter enter but when second parameter enter that gettng error(Type Into ‘Description’: The UI element is invalid. Make sure the target application is open and the element is on the screen.",)
please help me to resolve error
Check attached screenshot


Hi @ashwini.mali

According to the error it says the element you spied is no longer valid…or your selector is wrong. Please remove any dynamic attributes from selector and then try.

as it is type into remove the innertext,idx,aaname or value properties as they change


@ashwini.mali I think the selector is changed during runtime.Need to fine tune it .

how? Please Elaborate solution

Hi @ashwini.mali

go to ui explorer and indicate your element in which you want to type. Then from arributes on right window select what do not change. For this you gave to try multiple atrributes. Then validate the selector and use that selector. If you can show us the selector from ui explorer we can help

Providing the site that you are using will help more in giving the correct info


Thank you for replay
I try so Resolve issue with above tutorial but in my Uipath studio(2022.10.3) Selector option is not there .
Please Check attached Screenshot And Guide me to resolve issue.

Hi @ashwini.mali

You see ui explorer in the top menu?click on it and you can find the selectors from there.

And the selector can be pasted in the type into activity by expanding the target property which will have a field for selector


hi @Anil_G
I see Ui Exploree in top ,and Clicked And open page But not getting Selector option
Please checked attached Ss
Please Guide Me

Hi @ashwini.mali

Click on indicate element to indicate your element then you will find the selector corresponding to it. Then can modify the selector as per need

and to modify please look at the above video or this one


Hi @Anil_G ,
I Checked Selector Properties ,Selector is validate ,but still error is occurred (Type Into ‘Description’: The UI element is invalid. Make sure the target application is open and the element is on the screen.)
How can resolve issue .
please checked ScreenShot

hI @ashwini.mali

Are you trying to run in loop?

Then run the bot in Debug mode add a break point at type into and when it fails do not stop bot and let it be in pause… Then go to your ui explorer and check if selector is valid or not

I guess the id/Parent ID properties you are trying to use are changing so please check on it

Or if you can provide the site or xaml here we can verify


yes ,try with for loop

Hi @ashwini.mali

once the data is entered or the page is refreshed the id/parent id might be changing so refine your selector to not include them where as include something which is reliable


@ashwini.mali Check the title attribute of selector ,it may change based on your loop iteration

both title Attribute are same
please checked SS
please guide me If there is any changes

@Anil_G how?

Hi @ashwini.mali

If you see both the screenshots you provided id is changing it is not same.

So remove the id …deselect it from the ‘selected items’ menu and use the selector

also you can use properties like table row and column .

I can provide exact selector only if you can share the website details else you have to play around ui explorer and remove dynamic attributes and make the selector better


hi ,
Remove id from selector properties but still getting error(Type Into ‘Description’: The UI element is invalid. Make sure the target application is open and the element is on the screen.)

Hi @ashwini.mali

You have to remove parent ID or the id from table and all as well as it is also changing

If Without id if multiple elements are getting highlighted select some other attribute which is not changing

To select a appropriate selector in your ui explorer first indicate the element and refresh the web page and try to validate the selector if its not valid try changing it by selecting other attributes and repeat the process till you find a valid selector


Which table?