Problem cannot find ui Element corresponding to this selector

  1. I click first select for first IT section,and need to type into date.
  2. I click second select for second IT section,and need to type into date.
    And this method repeat 7 times and only will change the select part for different IT section.
    But for the first time type into i can indicate it, for second to third i cannot indicate it, and it show me this error.


I already use indicate element and uiexplorer , still cannot. What is the wrong?

And here is my workflow. Pls help me to check.

EADI.xaml (107.5 KB)

Might be some issue with selector, please update the selector dynamically and try again
Or please send a screenshot of selector and this might help us more clearly about the issue.

Pavan H

Could you please show us selector for same in uiexplore?

@pavanh003 how to update selector dynamically? here is the screen shot for slector


@rahatadi here is the selector in uiexplore in forth and fifth one


Thanks buddy,

Just do following,

Uncheck “id” and check “colName” as well as rowName.

Validate it, it should work.
If not let me know, we will work on it.

@rahatadi thank you , it is working. but i use same one for the end time,first one i can get the output i want, but why second time i get this dd-MM-yyyy 23:59, it should be 31-03-2019. 06

my type into actually is put previousEnd.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”).Split(" “c)(0) + " " + “23:59”, but when i try to put as previousEnd.ToString.Split(” "c)(0) + " " + “23:59” , it give me output as 03/31/2019 2359

can u pls help me with this?

This is because it refers to your system date format or default format set for machine.

Is above working right for you?

@rahatadi > previousEnd.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”).Split(" “c)(0) + " " + “23:59”

this one working for me in first to forth select, but for fifth one got problem.

@rahatadi but for the start date i use same way to do , it works.

previousStart.ToString(“dd-MM-yyyy”).Split(" "c)(0) + " " + “00:00”

Could you please Use write line activity before type into previous end date and just check what it is returning?

@rahatadi the output is this:


This implies that there is problem with your input…

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