Cannot find Ui Element coresponding to this selector issue


I keep receiving an error message that UiPath “cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”. I have used UiExplorer to check on my selector, and by right, my selector ought be be able to work. Therefore I don’t understand why my UiPath cannot run.

P.S. As i am working with a private webpage, so I was thinking if a not secure webpage can possibly affect this selector issue.


Have you checked their is some attribute which is dynamic or changing each time?

Sorry, but what do you mean by dynamic or changing each time?

Try this to find out the changes in the selector.
Here is the simple way to validate.
step1.copy the current selector in notepad.
step2:refresh the page or choose the fresh selector again and copy this selector in the same notepad.
step3. keep doing couple of times with different scenario and finally compare all the selector attributes .
step4. keep the static(same) attribute and try to get rid of attribute which is changing in each selector.

**PS:**add more parent/child attribute along with wildcard to overcome dynamic attribute.

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The User Interface hierarchy consists of children and parents, depending on what level of the selector you are looking at. If you ever have problems getting a good selector, you can always add more children or parents.

Let`s have a closer look and analyze the selector of the editable field inside a Notepad file.

The first row identifies the application and the actual window we are working with. In our case, the application is notepad.exe, the class is notepad and the title of the notepad file is “Untitled – Notepad”.

The next two rows identify our control in the application window hierarchy.
Some programs have a volatile layout – because of nodes with unsteady attribute values; as in the case of web-apps, but not only – which make automatic generation of reliable selectors impossible.

UiPath can’t always predict how an attribute’s value will change along the runtime, or between runs of an app, but there are workarounds for this.
For example we notice that UiPath recognizes the notepad window by its title:
title=‘Untitled - Notepad’
However, that title can change very easily because if you will open a file name have abc.txt then the selectors for this will have the title=“abc - Notepad”. The solution to this problem is to:
• build better selectors
• in our case modify the title attribute using the * wildcard:
title=‘*- Notepad’

Please always use UIexplorer to get more with selectors in your case.

This link is very useful for you :slight_smile: i guess



Why i am getting error while highlighting digit . Digit is an output variable of input dialog.
That digit i passed in selector. But it is throwing error. Please help where i am getting wrong.