Getting issue with selector

I have a window base application in which I am automating the business process using UI path.

There is a page in the application, which contains checkboxes, text fields and field labels.
The problem is, attributes in selector are same for every field except ID but it itself is dynamic and getting changed in every click which is causing the issue to select right field every time.

So every time when I trigger process on that particular page bot selects different field every single time.

Please help me in it.

You should not be using Id attribute generally. In your case you can use UIexplorer to find the suitable selector by finding stable attributes

Hi @jaggz007,
Is it possible to attach the screenshot of the page which you are trying to automate.
Were the workflows created using the record feature or did you manually do it by dragging and dropping the activities.

Ideally it is not advised to rely on any attribute that is dynamically changing. Even if it is id. Use UI explorer to find selectors with respect to parent elements whichever has stable selectors. Sometimes when you explore parent attributes you might even get to use the label of the text box or any element. Example - you might get to use the label text username itself as an attribute for the text box to enter user name.

Hope that helps.

I dont want to use Id personally its just there is only id attribute is there other are same for all the fields on the same page.

I have used UI explorer to find the suitable attribute but ui explorer is also giving me the same sort of selector which contains ID(which is unique but dynamic in nature) and other part in selector is same for all the fields.

I am not using recording feature, doing manually by dragging and dropping the activities.

I have not explored much in UI explorer but tomorrow I will defiantly spend time to find the solution there thanks for your advice. By reading so many replies here on my post I sensed, I can get solution some where in UI explorer its just I have to learn how to modify or play around with selector to find the solution…

I will update my post tomorrow if I will get any update on it.

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Hi @jaggz007,
I am facing the same issue now. can you help me out in this?