Type Into - First Character is not typed under SimulateType

Hello there,

I am trying to automate a login to one of our internal systems. It works well if I disable Simulate Type for the username.

Here is what I did:

  • Open Browser + Attach Window without Problems
  • Input Password - with Simulate Type
  • Input a program number - with Simulate Type

But if I use Simulate Type on the username which is a letter followed by numbers (e.g. a12345) it pastes the number only, misses the first character and opens a help window instead(seems like it hits a shortcut). So the result is 12345 plus popup.

I tried Click before Typing, Delays, WaitForReady Complete Option… but nothing helps. I know that I can use SendWindowMessage but since it is way slower than SimulateType I wanna know where the Problem might be.

The Selector looks similar to the other two (password and selected program) and I dont expect this to be the problem.

try to give delay in delay between keys property. or else use set to clipboard activity

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You can try Set Text activity

Hope this helps you


The solution via Clipboard + Paste works, thank you very much

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@JenJen Welcome mark as a solutions so it will helpful for others.

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