Type into doesn't work when i click bouton "Simulate click"

Type into doesn’t work when i click bouton “Simulate click”

Hi @Soudios,

Try use a delay of one or two seconds before using type into,or set DelayBefore field to 1000 or 2000.


I can see like some hot keys are used along the string
So disable SIMULATE TYPE and enable SEND WINDOW MESSAGE property instead and try once


it doesn’t work, did i need to use “Activate” ?

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Yah we can use GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY and use these sequence within that


We can use ATTACH BROWSER ACTIVITY AND INSIDE THAT we can use this type into activity

Cheers @Soudios

Picture plz ?

But why it works without simulate click

The reason is you have use d [k(enter)] along the string and if simulate type is enabled that hot key will entered as such as a text and not as hot key
So to use that as a hot key we enable sendwindowmessage property

Cheers @Soudios

i tried but doesn’t work, during the process the robot doesn’t click and type

Did we try with buddy

picture plz ?

It type with GET ACTIVE WINDOW ACTIVITY but there is [k(enter)] in the barre adresse so the process cannot continue