Using Type Into with Send Window Messages does not give accurate input

So, I was using the “Type Into” activity with the “SendWindowMessages” option on, since I need to press the enter key after typing. However, often, the text it types is a bit different than the input string I gave it.
The input string I gave it was “Cargo closing date (CC)”, but it seems like it missed holding down the “SHIFT” key while pressing the “9” key. Is this a common error? I know I can just use the default method, but this seems more like a human error than anything else.
For context, I am typing into the “Find” box in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.
OS: Windows 10 1909


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Set DelayBetweenKeys to 20 in properties of Type Into activity and then try once.


If possible, I recommend trying to use SimulateType, as this is stable when it can successfully interact with the application.

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Thanks for the quick responses.

@lakshman I’ve used a delay of 25ms, but it still caused issues. That is why I brought it up here in the first place.

@Anthony_Humphries I know SimulateType has a better overall reliability and speed. Just brought it up to see if anyone has faced a similar issue. It seemed quite strange to me. I’m aware of the workarounds. :slight_smile:

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I guess we all have seen type into misbehave from time to time as it is like typing the keyboard, so going too fast and mixing chars with keys, can be painful in some cases. You can then use activities other than typing when you can, like Set Text, copy to clipboard and Control + V…