Type Into bug on 20.10.X

After I upgrade the UiAutomation package to 20.4.3 => 20.10.X the activity “Type Into” and “Type Secure Text” is not working as expected.
On a single field (of password type), whenever the robot try to type something, it duplicates some letters. That seen to happens only to that field, and only when using “Simulate Type” option.
Activity Properties:

Execution Result:

I changed the HTML type of this field from password to text so we can see the result, but the same happens if I keep in ‘password’.

This seen to only happen on this specific field, in UiAutomation v20.10.X, 20.4.x is working as expected.
The bug do not happens when using IE instead of Chrome, and the same occurs with the new Type activities from UiAutomationNext (inside UiAutomation 20.10).

My Studio is version 20.4.

Please verify the UiPath.Core.Activities is updated version in manage packages, Select the EmptyField property and unselect the SimulateType property

Core is updated and this field only works with SimulateType

thank you very much for the heads up, we will investigate

@lucas.stern what Chrome exact version are u using? thanks

V. 86.0.4240.198 64bits