Type into failure

Anything wrong with my selector?


Can you please tell us about the error?
This info is not sufficient

Kindly open Ui Explorer and add few more referance in your selector…

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no error only skip type into


It means that the robot is typing the string into the AIR.

As @David3 said, try to add more tags using UIExplorer.

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try to find a reliable selector such as aaname or innertext attribute to find the correct Uielement.

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What all to select

What all to select

I think ID is enough…

Check ID and Aaname…

done …issue persist

Hi @98d5b817dcd19244c50b ,

Check ‘Click Before Typing’ in property of ‘Type into’ activity.

Please find image of property below:

Done. still fail

Can you share that piece of your workflow?

Any idea?

@Palaniyappan please help buddy

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Kindly try with this selector

Cheers @98d5b817dcd19244c50b

here you go
brwoser.zip (9.5 KB)

Cheers @98d5b817dcd19244c50b