Selector get failed while trying to click on login window

Hi All,

I am trying to get selectors when click on username and password using typeinto activity, but it failed on run time.

When open browser and sign in window will appear and try to put cred. It get failed due to selector UI Element not found.

Any suggestion??

Hi @shuklarchana001 ,

Could you Provide us with the Screenshots of the Selectors used for Type Into ?


kindly use an attach window activity and get the sing in window, and inside the type into activity


@fernando_zuluaga Yes, I did use attach window still not get

okey, can you try with the moder activities? using app/browser application to get the window and the type into inside that


@shuklarchana001 Can you share your selector screenshot

Hi @shuklarchana001 ,

Open the selector in UiExplorer and again indicate the element. Now choose the aaname and select any unique identifier given for that fields.


@shuklarchana001 Can you remove cls from the selector and make title as wild card
(title = *)

This is not validating

Sharing screenshot

@shuklarchana001 Indicate the username field again and open the selector in UiExplorer and see is there any aaname. Enable that if it present also disable role

@ushu As you suggest, I did capture again and open in ui explorer

Please see below the screenshot

@shuklarchana001 Try validating the selector now

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