Type into Activity giving error


I have attached the screenshot. I am facing the issue with Type into Activity.
It was working initially but today onward’s it is giving error. Kindly advise.

Please try to select the field again and check @manishpchawda

@manishpchawda Make your selectors stable for type into activity.

Hi @mahishpchawda,

I guess you are automating gmail which is not easy due to dynamic element so you need something reliable which will not change easily and used that as an anchor it will help you.
For indicating any anchor use uiexplorer and create reliable selector with it using achor and wildcards.



I am new to Uipath so not clear with your terminology. Can you guide how to do it or provide me link to get it understand better.



I am new to Uipath, so whatever you have mentioned is out of my scope of understanding. Can you guide me with some videos or links to understand better.


@manishpchawda Sure I will send it you after sometime.

@manishpchawda Please refer here. For making selectors stable.