Type into activity "save as dialog box" not working with stimulatetype in internet explorer


I’m trying to save the output PDF in defined folder path using type into activity. The defined path works only if the stimulate type is unchecked. Without stimulate type background activity is not possible, please help.

The application activity is performed in Internet Explorer. Our company website doesn’t work well with Chrome.


Could you please elaborate more on requirement and share if you are getting any error or its just not performing the task and proceeding with next step.

Please note that TypeInto activity is quite fast hence make sure the page is completely loaded\opened before you start type into.


My code in type into is like = “C:\Users\nkumar13\Desktop\UIPATH”+row(6).ToString+"-"+ row(2).ToString+"-"+row(1).ToString+"-"+row(0).ToString

The code is added inside for each row (using dataset). The path file is perfectly added if I uncheck “stimulate type”. If try to perform the task in background mode using stimulate type functionality, it doesn’t work. It gets freezed, the boT gets struck there.


Have you checked giving some delay before TypeInto activity.
I am not able to replicate this(tried with save as window). It works fine for me with simulate type.


Thanks Madhavi. now it works using stimulate type.

But the dynamic file name is not considered while using typeinto in Save as window. It pastes the dynamic file name based on first instance but once the save button is clicked, it picks the default “print invoice” as file name for all the for each row.