Type into activity for “save as dialog box” not working on Internet Explorer

Hi All,
I need your help. when I need to save the pdf through “save as dialog box” so I used type into for type the path, but the problem is sometimes it’s working sometimes not working such as the bot type the path name and click save. When I check in the folder that pdf is not saved.

The pdf saves working when I do the manual first then delete the file. After that, run the bot and the file can be saved.

This is the properties.

WaitForReady - COMPLETE

Do you have any suggestion?

Kindly advise. Thanks

@Nur.ain : Try to deselect cls=‘#32770’ from your selector as it varies from time to time. try to avoid cls from selector & try to identify parameter which are constant with Manual as well as Automation process & use wild cards wherever you can. This should resolve the issue.

Do you get any error messages?

Thanks for your respond. I’ll try it

Nope, bot run until end of process.

try change
aaname='File name:'...


aaname='File name:' casesensitive:aaname='false'


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