TYPE INTO function with bugs

There are two usual input types inside the TYPE INTO function and the fastest one is simulate type, but how come the IE cannot detect the input value with simulatetype?

As you can see although the Uipath give the correct file path and rename the file as “SXXXXX.summary record.pdf” , the IE still recognize it as the original name.
The same function can work on the other laptop, after i copy the project from that laptop to this new desktop, the function cannot work already.


I’m not completely sure as to why Simulate Type and Send Window Messages work sometimes and other times they don’t. It’s like in this case the text attribute of the File name field is not being replaced properly. This happens a lot while trying to choose the Save as type as well.

You could try selecting the entire Save As dialogue window with the TypeInto and use keystrokes to enter the string. You can pretty much add the tab or enter key after inputting the filename : filename+"[k(enter)]" for example.

To be honest, I don’t use the Simulate Type that often because of how inconsistent it is and requires more testing to make sure it works.


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Here is the solution, add 1 more TypeInto activity just after the original TypeInto activity(in which you are giving the path and file name) and set text property as " " then save, please find attached sample workflow…test_11.xaml (11.0 KB)


Thanks bro, you saved my day!
BTW may i know why this issue happens and why you method can work?
Could you explain me a bit with detailed thank you

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There is nothing wrong with activity, you need to change settings in Folder Options. You should show extensions for all files.



Oh i think i understand why already
Thanks a lot

The approach I usually use for this steps is:

  1. Get the full save path (if you only have the file names you can use Path.GetFullPath(path) to get the full path)
  2. Type the full path it the top explore bar (were is says this pc)

In certain cases field might have scripts attached to the controls and they can interfere with UI Path functionality.

Interesting - not sure why I hadn’t tried that. Do you make it standard practice to create 2 TypeInto activities? I’ve had the same problems as ClaytonM where it is inconsistent between machines, especially with a save as dialog box, or whenever a dropdown needs to be selected (and SelectItem activity isn’t working)

Yeah i did and it works

Hi Dave,

I also encountered the similar issue long time back, so I created this workaround and now I have made it a standard practice.


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A minor workaround I have used when entering text into a field is to use the “Set To Clipboard” Activity then send hotkey Ctrl-V. Enters the text instantly and can be set with Empty Field to overwrite current contents.

I had an issue where the autocomplete function was interfering with the type into activity, and that was how I solved it. The hotkey be used in any of the three text entry modes.