Type Into not typing properly

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I am providing below in the text field of Type Into activitiy.


I am expecting File_Product_Trending_By_Sender_SHA SD MONTHLY_Aug_2020.

But I am getting File_Product_Trending_(By_Sender_-_CPI) when the file is downloaded into that folder.

Using write line i checked the above text and its giving right value. So why its failing in the type into.


Can you share the entire path by using writeline activity and also make a typeInto activity which type into a notepad file

Share the screens


Yes in the write line its coming as expected. The second line what i have given.

Just now i debugged through Step In and checked its now storing correctly in the location. So i think its due to delay issue. Because while step in it was very slowly doing so it just typed properly and clicked on the Save button properly.

While running through bot its typing correctly but while saving its saving by the default name and location.

What could be its solution kindly let me know.


In this case you can give TypeInto->Delaybetweenkeys Property, give some delay and try

Hope this helps you


I guess DelayBetweenKeys not required as its typing fine. So the delay may be required between TypeInto and Save. I am trying.

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No its not working. Even after delay its properly typing waiting i can see the full correct path in the text box but while saving it asked me with the default name that the name already exists in that folder. That pop up.

Dont know why is it so. May be i have to make two Type Into, one for the folder and another for the file name entry.

If u have simulate property checked

Kindly uncheck it too


Nived N :robot:

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Thanks @NIVED_NAMBIAR ! It worked after unchecking the Simulate property.

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