Type Into Activity Formats Text To HTTP Friendly Text

I really don’t know why this behavior is a default but it’s especially annoying. I have a type into activity that is wrapped by a use browser activity. My bot has to open a browser and upload a file but it has to navigate to where the file is. I am using a Type Into to clear the address bar and enter the root directory of the file but the activity seems to be changing the format from:

G:\Shared drives\Some Location Team Resources\RPA-ADD\Downloads to http://drives/Some%20Location%20Team%20Resources/RPA-ADD/Downloads

How do I get it to enter the address I’ve provided and stop formatting it??

Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Dowen_Robinson - Could you please share your workflow screenflow? I just tested mine and it is working as expected…


May I know , why you are doing this in the browser instead of File Explorer?

Hi @Dowen_Robinson

Please include the version of your UIAutomation activity package. Please also try out the latest version to see if this fixes your issue in case you didn’t just yet :slight_smile:

Hi @Dowen_Robinson,

If you want to navigate to a local-directory, you could try the Start Process activity https://docs.uipath.com/activities/docs/start-process

It opens the provided local-directory path within the Windows Explorer. This is what I’ve tested and it worked


Hope this helps
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